Property Development

Property Development

Land Divisions

Land subdivisions in both South Australia and Victoria involve the process of dividing a larger parcel of land into smaller lots, creating new titles and boundaries.

This practice plays a significant role in urban development, allowing for the creation of new residential, commercial, or industrial areas. Subdivisions require careful planning and compliance with relevant local government regulations and zoning laws. The process typically involves engaging with surveyors, planners, and conveyancers to ensure the division is done accurately and legally. Land subdivisions in South Australia contribute to the growth and expansion of communities, providing opportunities for new developments and enhancing the availability of land for various purposes.


Property amalgamations refer to the process of combining multiple adjacent properties into a single larger parcel of land.

This practice is commonly undertaken to streamline land ownership, consolidate lots for development purposes, or create larger, more cohesive landholdings. Amalgamations require compliance with relevant local government regulations and planning schemes, as well as obtaining necessary approvals and consents. The process typically involves engaging with surveyors, land-use planners, and conveyancers to ensure legal compliance, accurate boundary adjustments, and appropriate documentation. Property amalgamations can provide opportunities for more efficient land utilization, facilitate development projects, and contribute to the overall growth and improvement of the local area.

Re-alignment of Boundaries

Property boundary realignments involve legally changing the boundaries between adjoining properties to better align with the land's characteristics or the land owners wishes.

It requires consent from affected landowners and interest holders, surveying by a licensed surveyor, and approval from the relevant authority. The process includes complying with planning regulations, preparing legal documentation, and seeking professional assistance.